My interest in photography was cultivated as a teenager. I used photography as an excuse to go on adventures and temporarily escape the tedium of high school. This exploration led me to discover hidden beauty in the most unlikely places. I found myself attracted to the dark, hidden corners of the city. The naughty, forbidden places your not suppose to go: abandoned buildings, underground drains, city lanes, and train lines at night. I loved the challenge of having to be creative and technically resourceful in intimidating, and high pressure environments. I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot about photography and myself during these adventures. Shooting mostly indoors and often at night I was forced to learn many of the fundamentals and nuances of light and architectural photography.

During this time I was lucky enough to go on my first overseas trips, and discovered the sort of adventures I craved in the city. Travel photography quickly became a new passion that only grows as my skills and experience evolve. My other love, hotel and resort photography was a natural progression. For me they are a great symbol of freedom, adventure and luxury and tend to be beautifully presented and nestled amongst some awesome scenery.

In the early days of my professional career I was an all-rounder shooting events, weddings, portraits, and whatever came my way. I eventually found myself drawn to Architectural photography because of its technically challenging nature, and because it best suited my previous photography experience. I assisted for a handful of successful Melbourne Architectural photographers long enough to learn all the tricks of the trade. Assisting didn’t suit my personality so over the next 7 years I built a folio of work that has given me the pleasure of photographing over 1000 properties and in locations across the world.